Kísérleti Videó Kurzus

Experimental Video Course
For over a decade, Brazilian video artist Raimo Benedetti has promoted an exchange between live performance and analog video through his Experimental Video courses. The participant will be invited to collectively produce a video in a short period of time through exercises in improvisation and plasticity. The results vary from course to course, depending on the group profile, but they can take on the form of works in single channel, video installations or video performances. However, the work is not geared towards a search for a product of video, but instead, for a high quality experimentation with video. The videos, marked by their poetic expression, are edited with Trakitana, a system personally created by Benedetti that utilizes analog video equipment. Manipulated in real time and having the production of abstract and distorted images as it?s highest attribute, Trakitana can be operated collectively by several editors at the same time.